Review: Hotel Garbi Ibiza

  • 21 May 2014 |

The second hotel we stay in during our adventures on this island in the Mediterranean Sea is Hotel Garbi Ibiza. It’s located somewhere outside the city centre (south) in the middle of this busy party neighborhood. Up front the hotel looks nice and smooth, but when we arrive, we’re in for a whole different ball game.

From the outside the hotel looks really hipster. Clean walls, nice hotel lettering and very cool neon lighting. Gives it a really design feel to it. When you step inside (if you manage to park your car because the freakin’ card system for the gate malfunctions like hell) the hotel immediately on your left hand there’s the reception. We check in and wonder why there are so many people behind the reception. It will all become clear in a few minutes.

Checking in goes just as quickly as we’ve hoped. Good service you might think, but there’s no one that leads us to our room and we need to take our luggage ourselves. No biggie of course, but by the looks of the outside of Hotel Garbi Ibiza, you might think they would have a few bellboys that take care of the luggage.

To get to our room we need to cross the center of the hotel. That’s when it hit us. Yes, it’s a design hotel, but it’s target audience is not what we imagined. The place is packed with families, bachelor groups and other people that wear as little as possible. Are we in for a treat?

A bit hit by surprise we make it to our room. It’s on the ground floor right after the lobby. That means that every single hotel guest that needs to go to their room passes by. Intoxicated or not. We’re worried.

The room is nicely done. Lot’s of white and a very minimal interior design. It’s not really big, but it’s big enough to house 2 persons and their belongings. The shower is huge and pretty well thought off. The neon lights of the outside of the building are also implemented in the rooms which gives a cool touch to the room.

Before we go to sleep we decide to get a drink in the lobby. The bar is managed by this group of ‘elderly’ waiters that know exactly what they do. It’s fun to see the chemistry between the guys and even more fun to see that they hide their own drinks behind the counter so their bosses won’t notice.

And then the moment comes that we put our ears to rest and wait for all the drink people to stumble by… And then we wake up. Yes, there was some noises but it wasn’t really spectacular. It wasn’t something we weren’t used to (we live in the city you know). What a relieve. Let’s hope the next night will be the same.

The breakfast at Hotel Garbi is something you might want to pass on. It’s incredibly crowded with people that eat like it’s their last meal on this planet. We don’t like this ‘ant behavior’. We sit down the first morning, but we skip it the next day.

Hotel Garbi Ibiza is located on the beach so that means they have their own private beach, right? Yes and no. Ibiza doesn’t do private beaches. Garbi does have this beach restaurant right in front of their hotel so the people that pass by on the beach know they’re in ‘Garbi territory’. The restaurant and it’s drinks are expensive so we don’t think people will sit there unless they have money to spend or stay at the hotel.

Eventually we did enjoy ourselves at Hotel Garbi Ibiza. We wouldn’t go there again but that’s because we’re not part of their target audience. If you like loud and intoxicated people during your holiday, this is your place. If you don’t like it but you do want something ‘designish’ but affordable while your toes are in the sand, this is your place. If you don’t like the above, stay for away from this one.

Price range: FROM EUR 100 a night (low season)
More information: Website Hotel Garbi
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Rating: 6