Review: Hotel Fort Canning Singapore

  • 21 November 2013 |

Before we head home from Bali we have a 2 night stopover at Singapore. And we’re staying at the famous Hotel Fort Canning Singapore. We’ve heard lots of stories about the hotel, so we thought we were heading to the perfect place to stay in this metropolis. Everything looked very promising, and it wouldn’t come as a surprise to you that it truly was, does it?

Hotel Fort Canning Singapore is not your average hotel. It’s situated in Fort Canning park which has a very rich heritage. This place was one of the first places the famous Englishman Sir Thomas Raffles started building what later would be one of the finest and richest harbors in the world.

It wasn’t weird that the British embassy thought this Fort Canning park was a good spot to have their HQ so not long after this huge British building rose from the ground. That same building now houses Hotel Fort Canning. A lot of adjustments of course were made but because it was a piece of history that was not too be touched the construction was sort of limited and took a lot longer than your normal renovation.

But, enough about the history. How about the future? Hotel Fort Canning has 86 rooms and they are very well thought off. The interior is modern and contemporary (which especially is liked by Europeans) with lots of ‘earth-like’ colors. Because the hotel couldn’t adjust to much to the rooms (heritage) a complete extra wing was build to fit the rooms on the outside. The extra space is used for all the bathrooms and give a very cool flavor to the old school look.

But now, more about our visit. We arrived late but everything was taken care off. Within 10 minutes we were checked in and enjoying our room. Like our stay at The One Villa, we were at this moment more interested in sleeping than checking out the vicinity. So that’s we did. Sleep.

And we slept like babies. We relocate ourselves to the breakfast area where we receive some good and decent food. Especially the pancakes we highly recommend. After walking around Park Fort Canning we have a meeting with the marketing manager from the hotel. She gives us an overdose of information about the property and Singapore itself during an amazing lunch at the restaurant. Now, this information is yours for the taking. Of course you won’t be getting the tour we received, but the hotel hosts this small get together in the lobby of the hotel. Everyday, from 16:00, there are free drinks and snacks. The meaning of this is for guests actually talking to other guests and staff. Chances are that the lovely Joey Wong we spoke with is also around.

We head back to our room because we’ve practically spend zero minutes enjoying it. But that’s ok. The room is pretty simple which we really like. We don’t need fancy stuff in a hotel room in a city like Singapore. We think a lot of people won’t be spending that many hours in the hotel. They either spend it in the city or during a fancy congress.

So. Should you be staying at hotel Fort Canning? Yes. You should. That is if you want to see, feel and breath the history of this city as much as possible. The hotel not only sets itself apart because of building it’s in, it also tries to do different stuff, which we actually don’t see that often anymore.

Price: from USD 275,- a night
More information: Website Fort Canning
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