Review: Hotel Des Trois Couronnes

  • 21 August 2012 |

You guys know we’ve been to Switserland during the summer. And we’ve only posted 1 review, which means you’re missing out on Hotel Des Trois Couronnes.  

L’hôtel des Trois Couronnes invited us for 2 nights at lake Geneva and after Schweizerhof in Bern, we doubt our trip could get any better (but that was before we saw the hotel).

So we’ve been to Bern for a few days and after that we pack our bags and head to lake Geneva. Hotel Trois Couronnes is situated to the north of the lake in a little place called Vevy (next to Montreux). This is the French part of Switzerland so we need to switch languages.

The hotel from the outside is kind of classic. It reminds us a bit of the famous casino of Monte Carlo. All these expensive cars in a half circle in front of the entrance. We enter from the mountain side in a not so expensive car and allthough we know the hotel is situated next to the lake we can’t see it.

We enter the lobby en the weather is just perfect. The sun is shining and it actually pretty hot outside. Our room isn’t ready just yet so we’re invited for some drinks at the tetras. We gladly except. We can now write down all these superlatives but maybe it’s just better to look and enjoy the pictures. Sometimes they tell the story better 😉

After a while of sitting in the sun and enjoying the amazing view we are told our room is ready. We have a normal room which is decorated in a classic way, just as we excepted because everything is in this style. The room fully equipped with everything you need and is big enough to get more then comfortable in with 2 persons. The highlight of the room is not the extreme soft bed, the bath tub or anything else inside the room. It’s whats outside that caught our attention: the balcony. The balcony is typical french. Small and doors that open to lake Geneva. Yes, our room has a view. And its magnificent. We stay 2 days and we sat down numerous hours to just enjoy the view.

Roomservice comes to check on us. Not because we’ve ordered something, but it’s been a while since anyone from the hotel saw us. That’s because we’ve been hanging out on our balcony. We’re invited for dinner at the hotel restaurant (1 Michelin star) and we have the time of our lives. The food was perfect. Shrimps, lobster, tuna and very rich ratatouille… It’s delicious.

The next day we wake up with a smile. Last night was one of the best night of our lives. Well… there is one problem. We can’t move and we’re hungry. Oh wait, those are 2 problems. We’ve eaten too much. Oh well, of to the gym…

Price: EUR 248 a night 
More information: Website Trois Couronnes
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