Review: Hotel Borinquen Costa Rica

  • 21 July 2012 |

We still have some reviews of hotels in Costa Rica for you guys. Next up isHotel Borinquen Costa Rica in Rincon de la Vieja.  

The next step for Few vs Many is at Rincon de la Vieja. We visit Hotel Borinquen Mountain Resort Thermae & Spa, which has a good starting point for visiting the National park Rincon. Borinquen is situated on a ranch of 12,000 hectare full of mountains, trees, pastures and geometric areas.

From the main gate to the hotel is a 3 km ride. As we get closer to the reception we can see the smoke palms rise from the geothermal fields. Borinquen has a own small spa pool. This is a very nice addition of the hotel. Next to this there’s a sauna with natural steam, 3 natural pools and a vulcanic mud bath. Too bad we haden’t had time to test all of this out, but it all looked amazing. We do had time to use the sauna, but this wasn’t cleaned so we skipped it.

The big ranch is not the only thing that gives Borinquen a rural feel. The rooms, which are called casita’s, are very spacious and build in a neocolonial style. We thought this was a bit corny and could have used a more modern touch. The hotel is situated in a fantastic scenery. It’s surrounded by forests and from the balcony of your casita, which are pretty private because of the space between them. That’s why the main way of transportation at the hotel is through golf carts.

So, do we recommend this place? Yes we do. The prices aren’t that high and in return you do get something you will remember for a while. The place does look like it needs some maintenance but the manager told us that this was on his ‘to-do list’.

Price: USD 167 a night 
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