Review: Hotel Arenal Nayara Costa Rica

  • 21 July 2012 |

This is the first review of our trip to Costa Rica. We visit Hotel Arenal Nayara Costa Rica in a country that wants to be climate neutral before 2021.  A lot of hotels in Costa Rica are eco-friendly and we were anxious to take a look for ourselves. 

According to Travel + Leisure this is one of the most romantic hotels in the world (6), and one day they want te become number 1. We’re about to see if that’s ever going to happen.

Well, this is a romantic place already. The main focus of the hotel are honeymooners and couples (we haven’t seen one loner in the entire hotel). You can notice the couples focus in the small things. Two beds next to each other near the swimming pool, the hidden jacuzzis for 2 persons in the gardens, the Nostalgia winebar and the ‘Sushi Amor’ restaurant.

They day we arrive is hot. The hotel welcomes us with some refreshing towels, a nice cocktail and valet parking servie. The perfect entrance if you ask us. During check in all facilities are explained to us. A few minutes later we step into a hotel golf cart that drives us to our room. We stay at a spacious ‘Casita’ which has everything we look for, and more: a double shower, beautiful view at the vulcan and a kingsize bed. We’re happy.

The hotel also keeps the environment in mind. The electricity only works when the keycard is in a special place in the room. This way no energy is wasted. Aren’t there any things that we didn’t like? Not really. Except the fact that the hotel is very ‘American’. The staff is always asking if everything is alright and they annoyingly try to make our stay even better. Europeans don’t really need this American hospitality. On the other hand, we do understand that the majority of the guests do like to be pampered.

Hotel Arenal Nayara is definitely a hotel we would visit again. Everything you need is right here and that’s something travellers like. So do we. Also there’s a good value for money here which is also important. This is the hotel that you want te visit/see when you’re around.

Price: EUR 140 a night 
More information: Website Arenal Nayara Hotel
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