Review: Hotel 7 Eiffel Paris

  • 18 May 2012 |

After we checked out at hotel Britannique it was time to move forward. We’re going for a little more luxury.We’re sleeping at hotel 7 Eiffel! A hotel with a view on the famous Eiffeltower! 

We don’t want to come over cynical, but we do mean quite. Of course around the tower it’s enormisly crowdded, but just a few blocks away you’ll feel the peace coming your way. This is the french feeling as it should be. A place to get your coffee, were the locals all start or end their busy day. The entrance of the new hotel is slightly unfortunate, but once inside Few immadiatly forgets this. We’ve made it Hotel 7 Eiffel.

The entrance is pretty inpressive. Design all over the place, evrything is shiny and breaths trendy. This also includes the lady at the frontdesk, she recognizes us and signes in the manager. Even before she hangs up the phone, he’s already in front of our noses, asking how are we doing. Fine, of course. Esspecially when we taking a look at were we are going to stay tonight.

Before we’re going to have a conversation with the nice man, we’re kindly ask if we could refresh ourself after a long day. Moments later our room is pointed out. We seam to have gotten one of the bigger bedrooms, but once inside we’re a bit worried for the guests who got a small room. As you would think this room isn’t large at all. Okay to be fair the space is used pretty smart, but to say the room is large, no way.

As the room looks neat and fancy, the bed are soft and the bathroom has a bath, we’re not bordered. And our suitecase also fits into the closet. All is well.

Freshend up we started to have a conversation with the manager. He tells us the Hotel 7 Eiffel has had a lot of different owners the last couple of years. Nobody was able to make it into a success, untill now! The current owner has had the intention the make this the nicest hotel of the district, district number 7. Few thinks they do a good job trying. For us the hotel is a gesture of hospitality. And after a quick look into the guestbook, we see we’re not the only ones thinking that.

A big part of this success is the bartender, we come to understand. His title is barkeeper, but he’s willing to help you with (almost) everything. Arriving back at the hotel (way after closing time of the bar) with a night of a well deserved dinner and stroll around the neighbourhood behind us, he ensists that we are gonna try his cocktails. So there we are, in a abandoned lobby, talking to a real Parisian. He’s suggesting us tons of different types of things to do, for in the hotel, in Paris and even in the rest of France…

One recommendation we took on directly. The next morning we were having breakfast at the rooftopterrace on the sixth floor of the hotel (by our request). At 9 AM this wasn’t a bad decision, not bad at all!

Few vs Many did have had a great night and a very relaxed morning breakfast. This is what more people should do, when in Paris.

Price: starting from € 165,- a night
More information: Website Hotel 7 Eiffel
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The Thalys was kind enough to bring us to Paris. And back to Utrecht. The train leaves from Rotterdam or Amsterdam. It only takes you like 35 pages of your favorite book and you’re standing in de middle of the City of Light. It goes so fast you it’s kind of an culture shock when you get out at Gare du Nord. We travelled first class with free WiFi for less than 200 euros per person.