Review: El Chiringuito Restaurant Ibiza

  • 21 May 2014 |

El Chiringuito Restaurant Ibiza is one of the most famous places to get lunch on the island. The place has been there like forever and it’s a fact that the one thing you can’t miss while at Ibiza (and you are a celebrity), you visit El Chiringuito Restaurant Ibiza.

The people at this restaurant are super friendly (something you might not expect because of the fame). Once we made contact they let us know that would love to have us for lunch. So, that’s what we do.

The place is located pretty remote (. You won’t be able to get there by public transport (okay, by bus it’s possible, but it’s not really a fancy way of arriving at a very fancy place), but that’s also not something a lot of people use on this island. Everybody rents a car, just like us. So once we charged our TomTom navigation device, we’re good to go.

The entry of this place is exactly like we thought before we reached the place. It has the crowded non organized parking lot (which actually has organizers, if you get what we’re saying). Dirt roads all over the place and this beautiful blue sea all around. It’s a short walk to the actual restaurant and it makes you pass some official and un-official little stores where you can buy typical Ibiza fashion. The fact that there are stores near a remotely located restaurant tells you something about the popularity of this place.

El Chiringuito Restaurant Ibiza is very much decorated as a beach house. Mostly it’s wood (terrace), but you can also enjoy your food a bit closer to the ocean (sun lounger). We decide to have lunch at the terrace and afterwards enjoy our wine at this huge sun lounger.

The first thing we order is the Calamari Andaluz. It’s a chef’s favorite and we’re both suckers for some good fried calamari. Head chef Jerome Palayer isn’t around when we visit (or he is, but he’s not preparing our food, which is okay).

The calamari is followed by s seriously big burger and some fresh sea bass. The fish is prepared next to the table. Very nice because this way you don’t have to waste your time figuring out which parts you should eat, and which parts you’d better not.

For the wine, we go for the red Sangria. This is the local drink and we think that should taste best while in Ibiza. After the food we decide to rest a little with our toes in the sand. The beach is getting more crowded and it’s too bad we have another appointment because other wise we could have stayed a few hours/days more.

Price range: EUR 140 – EUR 186
More information: Website El Chiringuito
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Rating: 8,5