Review: Dusit Thani Hotel Dubai

  • 21 November 2014 |

Moving from Shangri-La to the Dusit Thani Hotel Dubai should be a piece of cake. The hotel is literally on the other side of the street. But, this street is the most important one in Dubai, so getting across isn’t as easy as it may sound.

Our walk eventually takes 20 minutes. And it’s hot outside (37 degrees Celsius). The people at the Shangri-La told us it might be smarter to use a taxi, but we’re stubborn Dutch people… Of course we should have listened. Now, from a 20-minute walk we’re exhausted. And we need fresh clothing because of all the sweating.

So much for the road to Dusit Thani Dubai. How about the hotel? Well, the entrance is pretty stunning. Next to the fact that it’s all Thai interior design, the hotel has a huge ‘hole’ in the middle. This hole makes it possible to look down (or up) from each and every floor of the hotel. This not only creates an awesome look, it also makes the hotel look a lot bigger than it already is. And you know what they say about Dubai: it has to be big, bigger, biggest.

The check-in process goes pretty smoothly which of course is really normal for a hotel with these kinda standards. We are told that we somewhere on one of the top floors. The room is pretty basic for such an high end hotel. Of course, it has everything you need, but you might expect a little bit extra from a concern like Dusit Thani. But, maybe this hotel excels in different things. In different places. If so, we’ll find out later.

After a refreshing shower and some dry clothing we head for PAX, one of the restaurants of the hotel. We go here for lunch and the moment we enter it’s not really that busy. We’re seated right next to the kitchen, so it’s gonna be interesting to see how everything works. Guess again, the waiter reveals a curtain that completely isolates us from the rest of the restaurant. This is a first for us. Ok, we know the Dubai people are very introvert and value their privacy a lot, but this is for us a step to far.

The food however is great. We have some traditional buffelo mozzerella together with a few different bruchettas which all taste pretty amazing. After that we have some real good carbonera and leaves us for wanting more. Too bad we’re stuffed and can’t possibly fit anymore food into our belly.

After lunch it’s time to hang out by the pool. Too bad for us this pool is indoor. In comparison with the Shangr-La this is really too bad. Swimming pools should be outside, especially when you have this kind of weather.

After a good night rest and some shopping the next day it’s that time again. Time to have dinner. This time we’re checking out another restaurant of this amazing hotel. This time it’s the Thai restaurant The Benjarong. An award winning restaurant with stunning views over Dubai’s famous skyline. Our starter consists of different small typical asian bites. They all taste delicious. This visit however is all about my own main course. I am told the Benjarong is famous for it’s lobster, so that’s what we’re having.

To be honest, I  am not really a fan of Lobster (Goong Mungkorn Benjarong). That’s because 9 out of 10 times it isn’t enough and I end up being hungry one hour later. Not this time. This is ons hell of a big lobster with a whole lot of meat. And the taste… The taste is out of this world. We’ve been on the road for 3 weeks of which 2 in Thailand, but it’s in Dubai where we have the best Thai dinner. We also had some really good Pad Thai so this wasn’t an incident. This place has really, really good food.

We wake up the next morning thinking about two things: our flight back home and that lobster. We will remember Dusit Thani for that lobster and we’ll be returning for it to. The hotel itself has some minor issues which could be taken care of. The staff could interfere with it’s guests a little more, make them feel at home a bit more. We like that kinda stuff, the small gestures of knowing our names and such. A small thing which the Shangr-La does perfectly.

Price range: Around €185,- a night
More information: Website Dusit Thani Dubai   

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Rating: 7,5

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