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  • 14 December 2015 |

The moment we set food in our first hotel (Grand Marina Hotel) we immediately get ready to go out for lunch. That’s the benefit of having the early flight, you can skip the disgusting airplane food and get ready for a big lunch. And we’re heading for the BRAVO restaurant in the W Hotel, a 30 minute walk from the hotel.

The weather is absolutely beautiful (July 2015) so the walk towards the famous right next to the Barceloneta beach is really fun to do. This piece of boardwalk is always crawling with people. People that go to work, chill at the beach… The perfect environment.

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If you don’t know the W Hotel in Barcelona, there’s something not right. It’s an iconic building that can be seen from almost everywhere in Barcelona. It’s a super hip place and we’re excited to go eat there twice (we’ll be back a few days later for reviewing Salt). For now, we’ll focus on BRAVO, a restaurant by Carles Abellan.

We arrive a bit early but the friendly people at BRAVO don’t mind. It even helps by getting us the perfect table. A little bit of sunshine, a little bit of shade, and a whole lot of cocktails to start with. Passion Fruit cocktails to be precise. Normally, we’re not really into the whole cocktail scene. Why you ask? Because 90% of the cocktails we drink are just plain bad. A good cocktail is very hard to create but the waiters at BRAVO give us no choice. This is what we start with, and we like it A LOT!


Passion fruit cocktails to start with

For ordering the food we leave it all to the good people of the restaurant. Just give us your best dishes in small portions so we can share the food. And sharing is perfect in Barcelona because all the portions are small (tapas).

I left my notebook at home so unfortunately I can’t recall all the food we had, but these were the ones that definitely stood out: the beach calamari with saffron were simply amazing. They got served together with some fried chicken and prawn balls (reminded us of our bitter ball from back home). These were the first dishes and I recall looking at each other and saying, if everything is going to be this crazy good, we’re in for a real treat.


Beach calamari with saffron

Of course, not everything was as perfect as the first couple of dishes. It just doesn’t work like that. But, there were a few dishes that stood out for us. For instance the ceviche. A typical raw fish dish in Barcelona. We had it a few times during our Barcelona visit, but none were as good as the one we had at BRAVO. 

Another peak in our menu was the cod fish (see pics). We always think that a good fish doesn’t need much. A little bit of veggies (spinach) and maybe a bit of thick sauce. And all these things we like the most where served at BRAVO.

We had a blast at BRAVO. The perfect start of our Barcelona city trip and we would return in a heartbeat. Special thanks go out to the people at BRAVO and Carles Abellan for not only hosting us, but also letting us drink his own very exclusive wines. Awesome!

Price range: €10,- for tapas, €25,- for entree, €40,- for main course
More information: Website BRAVO
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Rating: 8


Desert! Melon cubes.


Cod fish




Carles Abellan’s own wines!


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