Review: Baglioni Hotel London

  • 21 May 2012 |

Our first stop in London is the Baglioni Hotel London Kensington. The Baglioni is different from other hotels you’ll find around Hyde Park. Why? Because it’s Italian.

The moment we set foot on English soil (St. Pancras train station), we immediately know where to go. We’ve been here before, so we take the underground to Knightsbridge and walk alongside Hide Park to the hotel. The weather isn’t good. It’s English, but we don’t care. We’re in the city we love. That’s enough, for now.

We’ve been looking forward to visit the Baglioni for quite some time now. The hotel is situated in one of the more expensive neighborhoods in London and it’s famous fot it’s Italian style. We’re about to find out what that’s all about…

After spending a few hours in the hotel we can say it felt a tiny bit as if we were in Italy. Everytink looks and feels Italian. Most of the staff speak Italian, there are Italian newspapers/magazines all over the place and the interior of the lobby is modern dark. Don’t know if that’s typically Italian, but it aint Brittish, that’s for sure.

We are received very well. A kind lady at the reception tells us that our room has been upgraded to a junior suite. This is always the best news you can get when arriving at your hotel.

The junior suite is fantastic. It’s not really that big but the space is carefully designed and decorated which gives it a nice look and feel. Even with the same dark walls we saw in the lobby. The room has everything you need or look for. It even has 2 televisions. Too bad these don’t work as well as we would like them too. The entertainment installed on the tv is pretty expensive. A few music videos – to set the mood before we dance the night away in Soho – costs us £5, which is way to much if you ask us.

In the morning, before we set out for a stroll through Hide Park, we sit down for our Breakfast in the restaurant area of the hotel. There is English bacon and eggs, French croissants and ‘pain au chocolat’ and, of course, all sorts of Italian meat. This way. every guest gets a share of their favorite food.

One thing spoils our visit to Baglioni a bit. The front entrance of the building is blocked by scaffold. It’s that time of year: a new paint job. It’s not really a bad thing and we understand that the hotel can’t do anything about it. But it’ s a bit disappointing because we wanted to shoot some photos for the article.

All in all we would highly recommend this hotel to anyone who wants to go to London and experience their trip a bit different. A bit Italian. We loved it and we know for curtain that you would to!

Price: from EUR 350,- a night
More information: Website Baglioni London
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Zonder Eurostar waren we nooit in Londen terecht gekomen. Tenminste, niet op zo’n fijne manier. Treinen vanuit Utrecht/Amsterdam duurt in totaal net iets langer dan 4 uur. Heerlijk relaxed en geen gestress waar je op het vliegveld last van hebt. Perfect! Eurostar biedt 3 reisklassen aan om in alle comfort naar het centrum van Londen te reizen. Tickets zijn beschikbaar vanaf € 50 enkel en € 99 retour in Standard Class en vanaf € 112 enkel en € 199 retour in Standard Premier.