Review: Atzaro Lunch & Spa Ibiza

  • 21 May 2014 |

Before we traveled to Ibiza we asked around if anyone had some interesting tips. One of them led to the heart of the island. To Atzaro Lunch & Spa Ibiza. A place which we – after our visit – came to the conclusion that this was one of the best tips we ever received.

Of course, it depends on where you’re staying, but for us Atzaro was a 15 minute drive. The place is pretty isolated from everything else. But that usually only means one thing: tranquility.

When we arrive we immediately understand that this is a popular place. There’s a huge photo shoot going on for the French edition of Grazia. We make our way to the reception and they let us know they’re expecting us at the SPA. ‘It’s a ‘little’ walk, just follow the signs’. Since that day our definition of the world little has changed. Atzaro is big. It has a hotel, a restaurant, bars, shops, pools, gardens, yoga, fitness, Spa… You name it, they got it. All of these activities are widely spread of the territory which basically means you have to cover some serious ground to get to your ‘destination’.

Luckily for us (and of course everyone else that visits Atzaro) the place is beautiful. With every step we take we fall into a new amazement…

After checking in at the SPA reception we are told we’re getting the signature treatment. We don’s ask questions and enjoy it thoroughly. We didn’t fell a sleep (sometimes happens), but we do know that this was one of the best treatments we’ve ever had.

After the SPA we take it slow. Drink some tea and enjoy the surrounding before we’re headed for our lunch. A super healthy lunch to be exact.

This is a standard thing which only costs 25 euro per person. Because this thing feels a bit standard at first, we can’t help but be a bit sceptic. Well, we were all wrong. The food was extremely good and very surprising. Usually we don’t really like vegetarian food, but this was an exceptional exception.

We recommend Atzaro to anyone who is going to Ibiza. Yes, you will be needing a rental car because the place is a little hard to reach. But, when you go there, the place will repay you for your efforts most definitely.

Price range: EUR 25 p.p. (menu)
More information: Website Atzaro
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Rating: 8