Review: Aire de Barcelona SPA

  • 14 September 2015 |

We usually stick to reviewing hotels and restaurants. But that doesn’t mean we’re not into having a SPA session every now and then. This exception is called Aire de Barcelona: an amazing SPA in de the middle of Barcelona.

Normally we’re not really into these kind of things, but today is different. Today we need some serious relaxation. And we’re told there’s no better place to go then Aire de Barcelona. This spa and wellness place is located right next to the famous Ciutadella Park and doesn’t look all that special when you’re standing in front of the entrance. 

But, it really is. After signing some forms and being told you can’t take any pictures inside (too bad, but kinda logical) you ‘dress down’ and descend into the ‘cellar’. This cellar is huge and completely in it’s original state (former meat storage). Years and years ago this was the place where a lot of storage was held for the El Born Market. At this same place century old wells supplied the city with water. According to the owners of this place, that would be the ideal location for the place it is right now: surrounded with pools, sauna’s and rooms where people get different kinds of massages.

Together with some people from the UK we’re explained by someone who doesn’t speak English what the meaning is. After some puzzling and hand gestures we think we know what to do. We first need to follow a round if different temperature baths (fun, as long as the water is warm, but of course a few of them are cold).

After doing our round we’re told to move to one of the rooms where we’ll receive our ‘AL ANDALUS Ritual treatment’. This ritual consists of an exfoliation on hot marble (which you can choose to be administered using either soap and a kessa glove, or a gentle exfoliating cream containing orange blossom), followed by an aromatic moisturizing massage. The next hour is one for the books. We can’t remember much of it because we doozed off multiple times, but we know for sure it was exceptionally good. 

There is however a downside to all of this awesomeness. It’s hectic. Busy. Crowded. And we were there on a Monday. If you like this things a little bit more private, we’d suggest you go to an expensive hotel. If you don’t really care. Go here. You won’t be disappointed.

Price range: From € 50,- 
More information: Website Aire de Barcelona
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Rating: 7,5

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