Review: 52 North Bar Restaurant London

  • 21 May 2012 |

We’ve read all these positive reviews about this new place on Portland Street. It’s called 52 North Bar Restaurant London and we’re about to check what all thee fuzz is about. Let’s go!

We arrive on a Friday at 20:00 and the place is completely packed. Packed with people drinking, not eating. We immediately know we’re at a place that has a kitchen but is mostly a bar, which is of course not a bad thing, but also not really what we expected.

The first thing that strikes us is the million light bulbes on the ceiling. They direct you to the bar. It gives the place a little bit of a Broadway feeling. Very cool! We are treated by the friendly staff and after they understand why we’re here the manager explains what 52 is and stands for. He is not the one who helps us decide what to order. Some other very friendly girl tells us about their signature dishes. We follow her blindly and order some fried calamari, prawns, asparagus and lamb. All in small portions.

When the food arrives we wonder how the main dishes would look like. If we complete these ‘small’ dishes, there will ben o room for dessert… We try the lamb is first. It’s served with some small tomatoes. It’s not good. We’re sorry about that. But it isn’t. It’s overcooked and not what it’s supposed to be. Luckily the rest of dishes, especially the fish, is amazing. The asparagus are typically for this season. Not much you can screw up on that dish.

Eventually the 4 ‘small’ dishes we’re enough to keep us satisfied for a couple of hours. We were curious about the dessert though. Te manager told us it was possible to get a smaller version of everything that’s on the menu. It looked great and the chef really outdid himself. The cheesecake was fantastic but the ice cream was a little tasteless.

Would we return if we’re in London? Yes we would. We will not go there for dinner, but we will stop by for some drinks and a portion of Calimari or fish and chips. This is something 52 North does really well and if they can keep it up, they we’ll enjoy some pretty cool years in the future.

Price: Mains: GBP 14, Light Bites GBP 7, white wine GBP 6, cocktail GBP 7,50
More information: Website 52 North Bar and Kitchen
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