Poler Rolltop Backpack

  • 28 August 2014 |

If you’re an adventurer like us, you need a decent backpack. Not a tiny one, but one like this Poler Rolltop Backpackm where you can actually put stuff in that’s important. But on the other hand, too big isn’t good too.

Luckily for us there’s the Rolltop made by Poler. It’s a very versatile backpack which also looks very good. It fits a lot but if you’re not using that much space, it can compress to a incredibly small bag.

Of course there’s padded room for your valuable electronics. It wouldn’t be a real backpack if it didn’t have this. USD 70 might be a bit much for a backpack, but we’re under the impression this one even more sturdy than your average Eastpak.

Price: USD 70
More information: Website Roler