How To Pack Like A Pro

  • 28 August 2014 |

Traveling is all about discovering unknown places and meeting people you never saw before. And packing. And How To Pack Like A Pro is of great importance before you even step inside a plane, train or automobile.

Travel website came up with some pretty cool facts about packing we would like to share with you. Keep this information in the back of your head and you’ll never ever forget anything to take with you. Kinda.

Before we get to the tips. First some ‘insight’ information.

  • 65% of holidayers are last minute packers and pack their suitcases the night before they travel
  • 68% fold clothes, 22% both fold and roll, 10% just roll clothes
  • 12% of people write a packing list
  • HALF of us cram extra items into our suitcase just before we leave for the airport
  • The majority of women admit they over pack
  • 53% went over personal baggage allowances last year (2011)
  • Men use 98% of what they’ve packed while away on holiday while women only wear 62% of what they’ve packed
  • 90% of men pack the night before
  • 50% of woman start to pack 3+ days ahead
  • 7% of men purchased new clothes whilst on holiday
  • 47% of women purchased new clothes whilst on holiday
  • Men pack ‘items’ of clothing while women pack ‘outfits’
  • Men take a “make do” approach while women are perfectionists & tend to pack for every eventuality and say “better to be safe than sorry”
  • Men mostly carry the bags? Women tend to pack the bags!

And now how to pack like a pro. Let’s go!

  • Don’t fold, roll! – you’ll fit in more clothes if you roll them up very tightly and then tightly pack into your case.
  • Create a list – before you even contemplate reaching for suitcase, plan what you will wear by day and what can go with what and stick to it!
  • Don’t be last minute – the optimum time is at least two days before your holiday.
  • Heavy items at the bottom – and keep lighter items that tend to get creased at the top.
  • Use your shoes – stuff footwear with rolled up underwear, socks, jewellery, and even toiletries. Place footwear around the outside of the case.
  • Wear heavy items – if you’re really struggling to pack everything wear it! Layer up.