Flawless Friday: Jennifer Lawrence

  • 19 August 2015 |

Have you seen the movie The Hunger Games? No? then you’re probably not aware of the existence of Jennifer Lawrence. That’s too bad, because we think she could easily be the next best thing in Hollywood.

Jennifer Lawrence is from 1990 and was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky in the US. She strangled Hollywood in 2010 when her first major movie part (Winter’s Bone) hit the screens. She was exhilarating in the movie which got many positive reviews. A star was born. A sexy star.

Her personal life is pretty boring if you ask us. She likes to paint, knit sweaters and scarves, firearm, surf, and play the guitar. Oh well, playing the guitar and go surfing could actually be very cool.

Enjoy the beneath pictures and if this isn’t enough. Go see Hunger Games.